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What's new in 2024?

In Switzerland, the year 2024 introduces a number of novelties of legal significance. Here are seven of them:

1.            Revised VAT rates

As of January 1, 2024, VAT rates have been adjusted, with major repercussions for businesses and consumers alike. The standard rate, applicable to most goods and services, has increased from 7.7% to 8.1%, directly impacting the final cost to consumers. The special VAT rate, linked to accommodation services, has increased to 3.8%, influencing costs linked to stays in hotels and vacation rentals. The reduced rate, applied to specific goods and services such as foodstuffs, was raised to 2.6%.

2.             Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AVS) :

Part of the AVS revision is now in force, allowing workers to choose between anticipating or partially deferring their pension, offering greater flexibility in retirement planning.

3.            Health :

Compulsory insurance now covers the cost of preventive removal of breasts and ovaries for certain high-risk cancers, improving prevention for women at particular risk.

4.            Taxation of electric vehicles :

Electric cars no longer benefit from tax exemption. They are subject to the standard tax rate of 4%, a measure designed to combat tax losses linked to the growing number of electric car imports.

5.            Minimum wage for domestic workers:

Minimum wages for domestic workers have been adjusted by 2.2% due to inflation, directly impacting domestic economy workers.

6.            Maternity/Paternity leave in the event of death:

In the event of the death of a parent immediately following a birth, the surviving parent is now entitled to extended maternity or paternity leave. Special provisions also provide for additional weeks of vacation for the other parent in the event of death.


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