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Law field

At Esposito Legal Advice, clarifications on legal issues in all areas of life are provided, particularly in employment law, inheritance law, family law, tenancy law, criminal law, consumer law, migration law . 

Family Law and Inheritance

In Switzerland, family and inheritance law is governed by the Civil Code. The law of the  family includes all the norms which govern the personal and property relations of persons united by marriage or kinship, as well as the right to the protection of adults. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Tenancy law

Lease law regulates the power to dispose and use an essential asset. It is the Code of Obligations that determines its content.

Consumer rights

Consumer law is the set of protective measures put in place in order to attenuate the structural imbalance, aiming to protect the non-professional party from situations that are too unfair.

Employment law

Labor law governs the working relationship between the employer and the individual employee as well as all employees. It covers many areas such as the employment contract, remuneration, working time, leave, discipline, dismissal, employment, training, safety and health at work.

Migration law

Migration law covers   the legal status of foreigners in Switzerland  according to the specific case of asylum seekers and refugees and, on the issue of naturalization.

Criminal Law

Criminal law therefore consists of all the rules applicable to offences, for example, theft, fraud, traffic offences, etc.

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