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Esposito Legal advice is a multidisciplinary service created by Naomi Esposito in 2022 which advises and defends employees and individuals.
We cover all legal areas and provide quick answers to your legal questions and quality services by telephone or in writing. We also examine legal documents and offer further legal assistance, such as drawing up contracts, agreements, requests to authorities, etc. 
Esposito legal advice will support you in your professional and private life and will seek to find the most suitable solutions for you.


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Naomi Esposito is a lawyer who began her law studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and then completed her Master of Law in Friborg in Switzerland. She has worked as a legal advisor, 5 years in the banking sector and for 2 years in an employers' association. She specializes in labor law and inheritance law. She speaks   French, Italian, German, English and some Spanish.


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