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Migration law – simplified procedure for employees from third countries

The Swiss Federal Council recently took measures to make it easier to recruit skilled workers from third countries and thus relax immigration regulations. Here are the key points:

- Priority of relief (Art. 21 FNA): Since February 2023, industries with a shortage of qualified workers have benefited from a simplified procedure for recruiting abroad.

- Reduction of personal requirements (Art. 23 FNA): Work permits are issued more easily for technical professions even without a university degree.

- Facilitation in the context of international personnel exchange: The procedure is simplified for highly qualified and essential employees, not just for cadres.

- No questioning of the quota system: Discussions about a fee surcharge were abandoned in favor of improving processing times. However, the cantons now have more flexibility when deciding on the admission procedure and can thus speed up the issuance of a residence permit.

These measures aim to attract international talent and meet Swiss companies' needs for qualified workers, thereby strengthening the country's economic competitiveness.


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